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Citizens of California, do you want a CCW?
City Police Chiefs can issue CCW's.
First step: We need a mayor that will appoint a Chief of Police with directions to issue CCW's to law abiding citizens who have proper training.

U.S. Gun Club
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Fighting for Freedom and
The U.S. Constitution.

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Ted Nugent
Nobody says it better.

Englishmen want their guns back!
The English Murder Rate Continues to Increase!

First they will take your gun rights!
Then your right to free speech!
Our First Amendment is under attack. Our free speech, our peaceful religions, our press and our right to assemble and other rights enumerated in the Bill of Rights are no longer considered inviolate by too many of our elected and appointed officials.
In England (Michael Savage) has been put on a list with terrorists for what he says.
Fight for our Bill of Rights now!
Hitler, Mao, Stalin, etc. proved there are people that a mob will follow
People capable of gaining power
People then willing to take a firearm out of
Your Cold Dead Hands!

Fight Now! Don't wait til the last minute. It is happening here. If you don't see it and feel it, you are not paying attention. It is time to wake up and smell the roses and to feel the exhilaration of Freedom!

Remember Leonidas and the "300"?
Freedom is bought with a very precious commodity.
Our founding fathers knew the price of liberty.
Millions of our patriot soldiers knew and know the cost of freedom.
When we give tyrants, liars and hooligans the power to provide us with all our wants and needs, we are surrendering our freedom.
When most of us want someone else to take care of us and want someone else to tell us what to think, the America we believe in will be gone.
Do we need to lose our freedom before we realize its value?
When liberty is gone, blood is the only commodity that will buy it back.
Protect the blood of our country's children with your courage and your words and your vote.
Join us here, join a tea party or join other fellow patriots who are fighting to protect our people's most precious commodity!
America has always produced enough honest free people to shoulder the tasks of maintaining the people's liberty. Each generation must find its heroes to keep that spark of freedom and hope alive.
Can we find our "300" who will not kneel before the human "god" who promises to provide everything we want and need?
The gauntlet has been thrown down challenging free Americans everywhere to stand up and to demand the right to succeed or fail based upon their individual talents and skills and their own self-determination.
Free people know they are able to provide for themselves and their families better than any government "god" or bureaucrat ever will.
Join us.

The trademarked Logo Patch that sends a strong message to President Obama. Let our president know we honor the U.S. Constitution and especially the Bill of Rights. We are not extremists and we are not terrorists. We are Americans who believe in our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Exercise your First Amendment right by displaying this patch. This patch which declares that we hold sacred our Second Amendment right "... to keep and bear arms ...". This patch which declares that "We Vote" because we believe we have the right to be governed by those who also believe in the U.S. Constitution. This fabric trademarked patch (4 inches top to bottom) can be ironed onto almost anything. Hats, shirts, coats, briefcases, glass, wood, cars - anything that can stand the heat of your household iron for about 20 to 25 seconds. Click here to order yours.

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Don't wait until they are knocking on your front door
asking for your firearms to fight for your gun rights.
Chuck Schumer, Dianne Feinstein, Carolyn McCarthy, etal
plan on sending someone to your door to collect your firearms.
It has already happend in Australia and England.
Don't wait! Together we can stop them!
We don't need their kind of "Change".

Wade Kimes 2nd Amendment Music Video

Hank Williams, Jr's new video called - Keep the Change

Voting for the lesser of two evils.

Classic Ben Franklin philosophy may show you the error of such a decision.

"They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." - Ben Franklin

An Ex-Governor of one of our states believes he can sell a seat for cash in the United States Senate. And he didn't seem to think he was doing anything wrong. It could be said that voting the lesser of two evils is paying dividends for those trying to buy influence in our government. Or that voting the lesser of two evils is corrupting our system. We are getting the evil in government that we voted for. We need to learn to become what I call "guerilla voters".

AIG - Million Dollar bonuses to AIG executives who helped create the current crisis and hundreds of billions and trillions of dollars given to the richest people on the planet (not just Americans) is hurting you and me. But we voted for these politicians who are selling us out. Politicians who spend millions of dollars of other peoples money to get elected. Is it any wonder they spend billions of our money to bailout and to benefit those people who give them the millions of dollars they need to get elected and re-elected. An honest man would shudder before he took such a job. Join us to learn how to stop this vicious circle of corruption that is hurting our country and may some day destroy it.

The U.S. Constitution with the Bill of Rights guarantees our essential freedoms (liberty). The wealthy powers "that be" have made sure that only certain candidates that they have vetted receive enough money to be considered viable candidates for President by the press. That credibility passed along by the media is absorbed by the public who believe they have no other choice but the two candidates who have the most money that are presented to them by the press as the viable candidates. Voting for the candidate with the most money to spend to get elected often means you are voting against your own self interest. It often means you are voting for a candidate who will not stand up for the rights you are guaranteed in the U.S. Constitution. Most people are now faced with picking the lesser of two evils. They will often pick one or the other depending on their pre-existing philosophy. Both candidates will be infringing, violating and abridging our freedoms. You are being manipulated into voting against the candidate you fear. In doing so you are giving up some of your essential liberty to gain a little temporary safety. You are voluntarily giving up essential liberty in an attempt to be safer. Sometimes you do this even when you know your one vote will not effect the outcome of the race. For example in California the Democratic candidate for President will win this state's electoral college votes. No contest. Your Republican vote is wasted unless you are voting for a candidate you believe represents your values. In cases where the Republican party candidate does not represent your values, go and find a third party candidate who represents your values. The question is will you voluntarily vote to give up a little liberty to gain some perceived temporary safety or will you follow the example of Benjamin Franklin and vote for liberty and freedom. Average voters do not realize that when they vote because of some perceived special favors and/or the fear of what the other candidate will do, they are surrendering our Freedoms and their own Freedoms piece, by piece by piece. (Remember Charlton Heston, "... from my cold dead hands." His message was - Don't give up your guns and your freedom voluntarily. Make them take it away from you.) Will you be a part of the people who believe in the words of Benjamin Franklin and who will stand up for Freedom and be deserving of liberty and safety or will you join the masses who will lay down and voluntarily surrender their liberty and their safety piece by piece? By the time you get to the "cold dead hands" stage, it is too late. The change is happening inside your head and inside your heart when you vote for the lesser of two evils. You can feel it and you can almost taste it if you are paying attention. If you can be manipulated into NOT voting or voting for the lesser of two evils - neither candidate after the election (whoever wins) will really need to concern himself or herself about our concerns and needs. The top unseen leadership in the two parties pass the football back and forth. (The football representing the leadership of our country.) Issues like border control, property rights, privacy, gas prices, gun rights, free speech, how public lands and water will be used, freedom of religion, taxes, etc. - after the election these issues can often easily be ignored. (Remember George Bush before he was elected, "We need to control our borders". Other areas where our rights are eroding away - eminent domain, search and siezure, free speech, religion, etc. - add from your own personal knowledge.) These candidates can say anything they want before the election and then will likely follow the advice of the people (the elite powers that be) who gave them the big chunks of money, the contacts, the advice, the publicity and the influence they needed to be considered a viable candidate.. (How do you think the IRS tax code got to be over 60,000 pages long full of rules and loopholes? You can guess who those loopholes benefit.) Have you checked and analyzed the candidates voting records and the statements they made when not running for public office? Remember, politics replaces war and takeovers by assassination. Our forefathers often fought like guerrillas during the Revolutionary War. We need to learn guerilla voting. We need to learn to become guerilla voters and do it like the future of our country depended on it. When enough of us consistently vote this way, (10% of us may be enough) I know a qualified candidate fighting for the Constitution and our values, will step forward and will get elected President. (Remember Ronald Reagan). There is the soap box, the mail box, the ballot box, the jury box and the ammo box. When citizens exercise their rights under the first four, the final option which was used by our forefathers during the Revolutionary War will not be needed to keep us from becoming subjects of a dictator or slaves to a plantation owner. Join us! Stand with us! We can Maintain our Constitution and our Freedom by the soap box and the mail box and the voting box and the jury box. Start teaching your children about these powerful tools while they are still in the sand box. Join us. Your membership in the U.S. Gun Club tells President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Dianne Feinstein, Chucky Schumer, etal. that you are working every month to maintain our Constitution and our Freedom. All that we ask of our members is that they spend at least 2 hours per month participating in a project that promotes our Constitution and our Freedom. A small price to pay when you think about the sacrifices of many of our founding fathers, the patriots who risked and often lost their lives in wars, and the young men and women who today stand firm in Iraq, Afghanistan and other places throughout the world. Affirm your committment to Freedom. Join the U.S. Gun Club here.

Lincoln Pickard

Vote One Issue!

A politician who doesn't trust you with a firearm, is a politician who has looked into his own heart and sees evil. An evil that he doesn't believe he can control. When a majority of us believe that the evil in our hearts will win out over the good, the America most of us now believe in will be gone. Vote one issue! Vote for someone who believes in himself, who believes in you and believes in our fellow Americans. Boycott the evil hearts, let them destroy each other and for heavens sake don't make them leaders by electing them to public office. Trust what they say, but verify by checking their voting record. (Thanks, RR)

Lincoln Pickard

Voting is not the only way to change laws.

“The jury has the right to judge both the law as well as the fact in controversy.”
—John Jay, first Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court

“I consider trial by jury as the only anchor yet imagined by man
by which a government can be held to the principles of its constitution.”
—Thomas Jefferson, 1789 letter to Thomas Paine

"Voting and communicating with your representatives
are not the only ways to protect our gun rights.
There are other activities that promote and maintain our gun rights!"
—Lincoln Pickard

"The jury has the right to judge ... the law ..."

Why are judges trying to take that right away from us?

More information

CCW - Concealed Carry Weapons Permit

Why do most police Chiefs, Sheriffs and other heads of law enforcement agencies oppose CCWs? It seems obvious to me. CCWs lower crime rates and reduce the need for more police officers. How are law enforcement leaders going to ask for ever bigger budgets and more personnel if the crime rates go down? Less law enforcement personnel would not be conducive to higher pay for the heads of police or sheriff departments. There is a clear conflict of interest when putting the responsibility for issuing CCWs in the hands of Police Chiefs or the Sheriff in any county. Remember most of the average policeman on the street believe responsible law abiding citizens should be permitted to carry a concealed firearm.

Why do most lawyers oppose CCWs? Criminals when committing their first violent crime are more likely to end up dead in the street if any competent law abiding citizen were permitted to carry a firearm. Criminals would be discouraged from committing crimes. Parents who want their children to live beyond being a teenager will raise them with strong moral values and a sense of honesty that will keep them from committing crimes in their younger years. When law abiding citizens are permitted to carry a concealed firearm, most hardcore criminals will be dead at an early age but many innocent people who would have been their victims will never have to face the reality of being the victim of that violent criminal whose criminal career was ended at an early age by a law abiding citizen carrying a concealed weapon. Many innocent people who are dead today (killed by career criminals) would be alive today if law abiding citizens had always been permitted to carry a concealed firearm. Yes, it would have been necessary to see and hear about an occasional criminal being shot and killed in the street by the holder of a CCW permit but wouldn't that be better than hearing about innocent victims (maybe someone you love)being murdered in their homes or cars or on the street? Whoa, I am supposed to be talking about lawyers. Oh yes! Dead criminals and criminals discouraged from committing crimes would decrease the Attorney client base. Less clients, less income. Most of those criminals get court appointed lawyers paid for by the taxpayer. It is a clear conflict of interest when attorneys advocate for tough anti-CCW laws. Incidently, judges, lawyers and other politically connected individuals find it relatively easy to get a CCW permit.

Lincoln Pickard
Pickard Publishing
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We are starting a new shooters group for new and inexperienced shooters. Basic firearms safety classes will be taught. Guns, ammo, targets, ear and eye protection, etc. will be provided. Our volunteers help to keep the cost very low. You may bring your own gun. Experienced shooters welcome. Contact Lincoln if you are interested.
Put "GUNS" on the subject line.

Remember Suzanna Hupp: listen to her again or hear her for the first time: Link to Suzanna

Indiana Law spells out when you can shoot police.

First state to put law enforcement on notice that they need to be very careful when invading a citizens home. A law that reaffirms our God given or natural rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution.

We have endorsed a few candidates for public office.
Partial List - We have many good candidates not yet listed. Stay tuned.

The General Election is the Second Tuesday in November. November 8, 2016.

Registrar of Voters
5600 Overland Drive
San Diego, CA 92123
(858) 565-5800


President - DonaldTrump

Congressman Duncan Hunter - 50th

Congressman Darrell Issa - 49th

Sergeant Major Juan Hidalgo, ret. - 51st Congressional District

John Renison - 39th State Senate

Randy Voepel - 71st Assembly District

Marie Waldron - 75th Assembly District

Brian Maienschein - 77th Assembly District

John Moore - 79th Assembly District

Lincoln Pickard - 80th Assembly District

NRA members can find NRA candidate ratings - Click here

Gun Owners of California have a California Candidate Scorecard - Click here