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The trademarked Logo Patch that sends a strong message to President Obama. Let our president know we honor the U.S. Constitution and especially the Bill of Rights. We are not extremists and we are not terrorists. We are Americans who believe in our Constitution and the Bill of Rights. Exercise your First Amendment right by displaying this patch. This patch which declares that we hold sacred our Second Amendment right "... to keep and bear arms ...". This patch which declares that "We Vote" because we believe we have the right to be governed by those who also believe in the U.S. Constitution. This fabric trademarked patch (4 inches top to bottom) can be ironed onto almost anything. Hats, shirts, coats, briefcases, glass, wood, cars - anything that can stand the heat of your household iron for about 20 to 25 seconds.

Send to:

U.S. Gun Club
c/o Pickard Publishing
802-B Hollister Street
San Diego, CA 92154

Please send the following:
Self Addressed Stamped Envelope.
$6.00 for each patch. Check or Money Order.
plus 8.75% sales tax for California residents. ($.53 each patch)

To iron on the patch:
Be sure the surface of the iron is clean.
Plug in the iron.
Set household iron to Cotton setting.
Peel off wax paper from back of patch.
Carefully align the patch on the hat, coat, car, etc. in the upright postion as shown in the image. "We Vote" should be in horizontal position.
A piece of cotton cloth (Like material from a cotton T-shirt) may be placed between the patch and the iron.
When the iron is hot - press it on the front of the patch when the patch is properly postioned on the hat, coat, car, etc. Soft items will need to be placed on a firm surface so that patch can be held firmly against the item to recieve the patch. The iron can be moved back and forth across the surface of the patch. Be sure the firm surface will not be damaged by the heat.


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